Tetris on Niagara

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During the last three months I have been trying to port HelenOS to the sun4v UltraSPARC architecture (Niagara). The sun4v architecture is very interesting from the system programmer’s point of view, so I will definitely put a link to my master thesis here (but I have write the thesis first, of course).

For the time being, you can just enjoy the screenshots of Tetris running on a (Simics-simulated) T2000 server and on a (remotely accessed) real T1000 server.

The only big feature missing is a support for SMP. This is what I will play with in the following weeks, because Niagara without multiprocessing would be like… (If you have an idea of a good simile, post it as a comment).

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Two plugins I can’t imagine Vim without

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I like Vim. Especially for editing C code. I would like to introduce two extensions I especially like.

The first one is a Vim binding for Cscope. Cscope is a tool which makes an index from your source tree and uses the index to quickly tell you

  • where a function with a given name is defined,
  • where a function with a given name is called from,
  • where a given string occurs in your source files,
  • etc.

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